Nicolette's Notebook

How creativity seems to colour every day of my life

Shane's Bath

Monday 26 July

Finally, Shane was able to have a wash.
He is always very patient, but he knows what is coming.
He quite likes the first stage when his rump is washed.
When he has been soaped all over he begins to get a little testy.
After he is rinsed he just wants out now!!
 But when it is over he is just so pleased with himself and how he feels and smells!

Beryl in the Kitchen

Sunday 25th July
Beryl in the Kitchen doing a spot of ballet

Tiggy in the sun

Sunday 25th July
Tiggy looking sultry in the sun

First Tomato

Sunday 25th July
Photo of our first (yellow) tomato

A day on the lough

Saturday 24 July
Shane and I went down to the Waterworks this morning for a walk.  I hadn't planned on walking there, just a last minute decision, so I hadn't brought bread for the birds.  
  Also I had forgotten Shane's collar, but he didn't misbehave 
- he has never really been one for chasing birds.
Mid-day I took a trip down to Antrim to meet my friend from work Jim Smyth.  
I took the wrong road in Shanes Castle and ended up at the 104th Antrim Show.  
There were hundreds of people there and lots of cattle, sheep and pigs being shown.
I also saw the Castle, before I finally found Jim and his boat.
We went out on his yacht on the lough with his friend and expert sailor Jeff.  
Jeff was down to do some work on his yacht, but ended up coming along too. 
Jeff had brought his dog to the Boat Club and she ended up coming as well.  
She had a red life jacket to match ours!  
She was a pure breed - I think a Border Terrier.  
She had a bit of biscuit when we shared snacks half way through.

The weather was dry and we sailed about 8 miles and were out for about 21/2 to 3 hours.
There was a smaller one man boat out which we followed for a while.
I mostly was on the tiller and managed to keep on course some of the time.
I was tired when I got home, in time for tea and a doggie walk.

Doggie Walks

Tuesday 20 July

A typical walk in the Castle grounds with Shane

                  Shane looks for a likely victim...                           and on spotting one, he zeroes in 

and lets fly...
Then, he sizes up another likely target, and 
(if no-one is looking) 
he sets off another flourish.
Finally after all his deeds are complete,
he giggles to himself the whole way home. 

Shane and the City

Sunday 18 July

Shaney enjoying a 
spot of sunshine 
over Belfast 
(there hasn't been too much of that recently). 
 This is Shane walking 
a central path 
over the grass, 
at the entrance to 
the Castle.

Growing things

Saturday 17 July
 Thought I would post some pictures of the tomatoes and cucumbers in the greenhouse.
 and a picture of the sad lettuces 
 These are the new lettuces that I have just planted into the bed.
I am going to keep a careful eye on these ones to try to keep them alive.

Taps are working

Saturday 17 July
Wash basin taps are working!!
It was the job that I was most dreading, but the easiest to fix in the end,
the reason for the blockage was that there is a filter at the end of the tap 
that had completely blocked with silt from the system!

Nikki leaves for Kent

Wednesday 14 July
So, Nikki has left for Kent to stay with Valerie for a while.  This is her in our garden just before she left.
So Shane and I are in charge of things Chez Belfast.  We have some nice walks to look forward to, like the one in the picture below (Shane is on the far right beside the path).
We also have to arrange our own catering, 
but as you can see Shane has his own favourites...

Playing on the Beach

12 July 2010

Neil and Gillie playing on the beach at Crawfordsburn.