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A day on the lough

Saturday 24 July
Shane and I went down to the Waterworks this morning for a walk.  I hadn't planned on walking there, just a last minute decision, so I hadn't brought bread for the birds.  
  Also I had forgotten Shane's collar, but he didn't misbehave 
- he has never really been one for chasing birds.
Mid-day I took a trip down to Antrim to meet my friend from work Jim Smyth.  
I took the wrong road in Shanes Castle and ended up at the 104th Antrim Show.  
There were hundreds of people there and lots of cattle, sheep and pigs being shown.
I also saw the Castle, before I finally found Jim and his boat.
We went out on his yacht on the lough with his friend and expert sailor Jeff.  
Jeff was down to do some work on his yacht, but ended up coming along too. 
Jeff had brought his dog to the Boat Club and she ended up coming as well.  
She had a red life jacket to match ours!  
She was a pure breed - I think a Border Terrier.  
She had a bit of biscuit when we shared snacks half way through.

The weather was dry and we sailed about 8 miles and were out for about 21/2 to 3 hours.
There was a smaller one man boat out which we followed for a while.
I mostly was on the tiller and managed to keep on course some of the time.
I was tired when I got home, in time for tea and a doggie walk.


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