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Birthday fun...

8 September 2010

Thank you everyone for the wonderful birthday wishes I have received by email, on yahoo groups and on facebook.  They have all been very much appreciated and helped to make my birthday very special.

This year was a departure for me... for the past few years my birthday present has usually been a new Sasha doll but this year... I opted for books... very cool books...  there are books on sock knitting, books on dyeing wool, and books on using google blogger...  I just adore books...

After breakfast and opening all of my presents and birthday cards, Neil and I went out for lunch to a restaurant in the new Victoria Centre in Belfast.  It was really delicious...  then we wandered around the city centre for a couple of hours finishing off with a cup of tea in the coffeeshop in Waterstone's book shop. 

We had sandwiches for tea with a glass of wine and watched The Goblet of Fire and the Half-Blood Prince on DVD... I really love the Harry Potter books and movies...  a perfect birthday!


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