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Walk from Carnlough to Cranny Falls

The path leading to the quarry which can be seen in the distance was very straight. It follows the route of the old rail line that used to carry the limestone from the quarry to the harbour. We passed a couple of old lime kilns on the way.

We parked in the carpark beside the Spar shop, where we sat and ate fish and chips at the end of our walk, before we set off for home.

The fields were full of sheep and new lambs romping around.
View from the top of the path when we had reached the old limestone quarry.

View of Carnlough below us. It looked a long way away but actually it was only a couple of miles.

The quarry was amazing. A huge version of the one on the Cavehill. The limestone cliffs are whiter here though and covered in gorse and draping ivy. We saw the rooks trying to chase off a huge predatory raptor, by the size of it, possibly a peregrine. We also saw a couple of ravens swooping near the top of the cliff.

There were lots of ruins of old cottages, houses and quarry buildings scattered around. More intact than the quarry workers villages on the Cavehill.

Speedwell near the path through the quarry towards Cranny Falls. One of my very favourite flowers with its beautiful dainty blue blossoms. I'd love to have some in my lawn.

The air was full of the honey perfume from the golden blossoms of the gorse.

We sat down and ate some lunch. Neil took a photo of me with my new red bag. I wanted one large enough to carry a notebook, glasses, camera etc. I treated myself to celebrate losing 1 stone in weight!

The Glen was a beautiful walk quite different in feel to the limestone quarry we had just walked through to reach it. The steep banks were very damp and covered in ferns, sunspurge, wild garlic and wood sorrel.

There were also some plants, I didn't know which just loved being in the very wet areas where the water dripped down over the rock and through the moss.

Cranny Falls was well worth the walk. Beautiful waterfall splashing down from quite a height above us. The air felt very cool and damp.

Neil by the water fall.

Cranny Falls.


Lovely photos! Well done on the stone... you're looking great:)
We've got speedwell in the lawn here in Wales



Thankyou, feeling more energetic, must try planting some speedwell in our lawn. Wonder if it would grow?

Love, Nikki


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