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Bluebell Walk on Cavehill

When I walk among the bluebells I am transported by the scent and the beauty to other times in my life.
As I wander through the beautiful blue blossoms I think of childhood, of walks through the bluebells, of picnics to celebrate Pip's birthday in early May.
Of happy childhood days spent roaming on the Cavehill for hours on end.
Shane looks back at us to see if we are following him or stopping yet again to take another photograph.
The bluebells are stunning with so many shades of blue to purple running through them.


It is good you can walk in such lovely places among nature and ponder fine memories of your is those memories that comprise who we are and how we can live in this life....i thank you for sharing these beautiful sites...How fortunate you are to live is such a beautiful place...Nikita


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