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Kotara and Aang... new arrivals

28 May 2010

Neil and I went to the garden centre at Donegore as we were looking for a replacement cucumber plant for the one which died.  We also wanted some new packets of seed for the lettuce we like to grow for the summer.  I wanted a couple of oxygenating plants for the pond as I thought it would be nice for the Pinpin and Firefly the Koi carp to have some greenery to nibble. 

As we passed the koi carp we couldn't resist stopping to look at them.  Neil fell in love with the beautiful golden fish.  It was the only that looked like that and is truly beautiful.  We decided that it would probably to best to buy two the same size so that they would have company when they met the larger fish in the pond.
On arriving home, Neil opened the bag and we spent the next couple of hours acclimatising the new fish to the pond environment. 
After about 3 hours we decided it was time for the release and Kotara and Aang arrived in the pond and were very quickly greeted by Pinpin and Firefly who seemed delighted to have some newcomers to their fishy shoal.
Kotara is the white and orange one and Aang is the golden coloured fish.


I love Aang :) a proper golden fish... well done Neil!


Awesome of my favorite short stories takes place in Williamsburg, Virginia...and revolves around a Koi pond with a ghost cat....Thanks for sharing your story...Nikita


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