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The Magic of Trees...

8 November 2010

Macro Monday at Lisa's Chaos... an event that I have enjoyed very much over the last couple of weeks.

There is the odd tree and place on the hill that feels very magical... This spot is one of them and I always find myself pausing here to look at the view... touch the tree... and then move on...  I have also seen other walkers doing the same...  it is also a tree that people seem to like to carve their initials onto...

I love this knot on the tree bark... where a branch has been removed a very long time ago...
wonderful heart shape in the bark...

there are new initials...

older names...  (and no this was not carved by my DH)

and initials carved into the bark that have been there for such a long time that they have become distorted by the growth of the tree...

I wonder why so many people love to stop by this particular tree... just like I do...


Hiya nicolette,

Loved the tree with its venerable bark.
And smiled at the red sweater in the previous post.


Absolutely amazing Nikki!!! Each and every photo. The scenery on the top photo takes my breath away.


Some trees seem to be more inviting than others! I can see why people are attracted to this one.


Oh wow, a tree with such a story to tell. So cool; love that heart know.


Beautiful and magical! I love trees too even though they're bare. It's nice to see the shapes of their trunk, branches and little twigs.


Excellent story telling through and with excellent pictures. The heart was my favorite.


Hello Nikki
Thank's for visiting my blog. I love the view, it so bautiful and I can understand why people do pausing there. Someday I will come to Ireland, I want see those views myself and not just from television or blogs:)
Greetings from Finland


I love photographing trees - the detail you've captured of the knots on the bark is terrific.


such a beautiful tree! I love that first photo with the wandering landscape behind.
I really don't like when people carve into or even nail into trees, it feels violent and disrespectful.


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