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Our last photo...

20 November 2010

Neil took this lovely photo of Shane walking in the little woodland near the Castle last Saturday.  It was the last photograph taken of Shane.  He went downhill very quickly over the weekend and on Tuesday morning he passed away peacefully at the Vets after we had to take a very difficult decision. 
We were with him until the end but it is hard to say goodbye.


Oh No...I am so so sorry for your Loss...and though i only ever saw pictures of him...I felt like I knew him,,,I lost my Himilayan Lola last week to her illness and I am so sad...I will never be the same...Prayers follow for you and Shane....Kindly, Nikita


Dear Nikki,

You must be heartbroken. It is always so very sad to lose an animal. But you have given him a great gift in sparing him further suffering.
Try and remember the good times.


I am so sorry for your loss. :(


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