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Horses on Cavehill...

29th May 2011

For SOOC Sunday this week I am using a series of photographs I took on 23rd April 2011.  

Now and again when I am walking on the Cavehill I see the horses in the field...

There are more photographs in this series than I intended but the horses were just so cool to photograph that I just got a little carried away...

Initially my eye was caught by the horses nibbling mountain grass with the lovely view of North Belfast in the background...

They were very relaxed...

Then I noticed this rather naughty horse pawing at his friend who was lying down relaxing in the sunshine...   

"I'm bored... let's go over there..."

"No, go away, I'm snoozing"

"Pleeeeeease"... with a naughty nip...

"Go away... NOW"

"Nope... get up.... I'm bored"

"Ouch... what are you doing... don't nip me"

"Is it comfy down there, maybe I'll join you?"
"Don't bother... go away... pleeeeease..."

"Hmm... this isn't bad..."  
"Good, maybe you will let me get back to my nap now?"

"Ooooooh... this does feel rather good."

"What are you doing now,  why can't you just relax?"
"Mmm, can't... you know me."

"Ooooooh, itchy spot.... just have a quick roll"

"Good grief... now what?"

"Oh this is so nice... why didn't you just say how nice it was down here... lying in the sun..."
"Honestly!!!!! why can't you be like everyone else?"

"So nice.... zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz"


Great series of pictures... the last so funny...he looks like he is very comfy


Great shots! These horses are behaving like my dogs!


Your comments are great, Nikki. It' so funny.

Seems you're able to translate horsish to english :)


really cool set of shots. I love it.


Beautiful photos of those lovely horseshorses!
I know how it is to get carried away, when I see something special :) Like 100 photos of the cows etc :)) Have a nice day!


Absolutely beautiful shots of the horses who look so hppy there!


Very beautiful macros of the flower !


Absolutely beautiful animals...and so engaging to watch...thank you for sharing your pictures...again


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