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Just Hanging About...

Sunday 10th July 2011

 I loved this series of photographs of the squirrel

Showing his wonderful gymnastics skills

Nonchalantly hanging by two paws while holding a peanut with his front paws

Showing off a little?

Looking cool as the peanut feeder and squirrel sway in the breeze...

Amazing acrobatic abilities

As you can tell I really like grey squirrels

Just look at the beautiful feathery tail fluttering in the breeze...  

"Wot, moi?"
"You really think I am acrobatic and cute?"


Whoa ... I know that guy! He's been hangin' in my yard!


Oh gush what is he doing?? Hahaha but it's funny.



That's an amazing shot of him (her)? casually hanging upside down whilst having a snack. Your photo's show how beautiful a squirrel is - not sure I appreciated that before.


So darned cute hanging upside down. Squirrels are so persistent and I love 'em.


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