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Jeepers Creepers...

Monday 4th July 2011

I particularly love the Virginia Creeper in Spring and Summer with its beautiful green leaves and blush coloured shoots...

It is an elegant plant as it drapes over the fence and across the doorway.

"Please may I come in?" 
"No" we all say in unison looking at the state of her wet muddy paws and fur after her latest excursion into the pond.

This was my favourite photo.  I loved the way the sunlight lit up the leaves and made them glow.

"Jeepers creepers, won't you let me come in?"  she says, still hopeful, "anyway, I am much cuter than those silly virginia creeper leaves that you are photographing".   "Pleeeeeease....."


A great series of shots! Such a sweet doggy, I hope she got in!


Lovely light in these images Nicolette.


I agree with your choice of fave shot. The graceful lines and the backlighting really make a beautiful photo.


I love your doggy. I have to agree with her, she looks cuter than the creepers.


Love your favourite photo for the same reasons you do. It looks like a lovely place to walk.


My favorite pic is the first one with the daisies! The cheerful daisies are such a contrast with the ominours sky! Hope you got home in time:)


Oh...look at that face! What a sweet pup!


I am so sure your beautiful Dog can bring light into any day.....and you must love her so....


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