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Monday 12th September 2011

Macro Monday

I have had a very busy summer and look forward to sharing some of the different series of photographs that I have taken while on my many walks and visits to new places.

This series of photographs is of a wonderful section of tree trunk that drifted onto the beach.

I just adored the colours and textures on this wonderful piece of driftwood.

I've always loved driftwood.  I love the way the time spent in the sea water smooths the rough edges.

Partly buried in the sand...

I love the contrast in texture between the wood and the sand and pebbles.

Wonderful textures and green algal growth...

The subtlety of the colours of charcoal, grey, sand, beige, olive greens, ochres... are just glorious.

Beautiful textural swirling patterns...


Wonderful shots of the wood - the patterns are so interesting.


This is a great post, partly for me because I love to beachcomb, and partly because your photographs encourage me to look much more closely at driftwood than I would normally do - thank you!

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Wow, those are absolutely gorgeous. The colors, the textures you captured them so beautifully.


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