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Sleeping at the Zoo...

8th September 2011

My nieces and I spent a eventful day at the zoo before we travelled over to England.

As we arrived Maya said that her tooth was bleeding.  It was a baby tooth.  So I gave her a tissue and said she should wiggle it gently.  By the time we reached the elephant enclosure the tooth was out.  So I carefully wrapped it in tissue so that the tooth would not be lost.  She was a little worried that the tooth fairy would not be able to find her on the ferry.  I said that the tooth fairy was magical and would find her.  When she expressed concern that the tooth fairy would be too tired to fly home, I said that she would be able to rest on the ferry and travel back with it to Belfast on the return trip.

There was general consternation that we could not locate the ring tailed lemurs.  These sleeping black and white lemurs had to suffice.

I thought it was really cute...

When we reached the monkey house... we peered at the mass of monkeys all snuggled up together.  My niece wondered how many legs and arms each monkey had.

I said two legs and two arms.  
That they were just enjoying a group cuddle and a snooze in the warm sunshine.


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