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Belfast Castle

20 August 2010

We are fortunate to live close to Belfast Castle...
which is built on the slopes of the Cavehill overlooking Belfast...

Shane and I on one of our daily walks near the castle.

The beautiful gardens which were refurbished in 1992-93.  Views of Belfast Lough and Holywood beyond.

Belfast Castle is not an old castle.  Building was started in 1862 by the 3rd Marquess of Donegall and the castle was designed by Charles Lanyon and his son.  The castle was completed by 8th Earl of Shaftesbury and presented to City of Belfast in 1934 by his son.  During the 70's/80's the castle was refurbished.

Over the years, I have attended the odd formal dance, wedding reception, and we even celebrated one  New Year's eve with a meal in the restaurant with my family...  in the main I have gone for the odd coffee in the downstairs coffee shop and wandered around the antiques shop and visitors centre.

The summer borders in the garden are beautiful.

Neil and Shane beside the turret in the wall.

Belfast Castle from the distance as we walk home.


I love the pictures of the castle :)


Thank you Pip... it is so beautiful.


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