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The Cat Garden - Part 1

21 August 2010

There is a plaque attached to the wall at Belfast Castle,
as you start to walk down the steps into the garden that reads

"The Cat Garden"

"It is said that good fortune will come to those visiting Belfast Castle as long as the tradition of the castle cat is kept.  The story goes that there has always been a resident white cat at the castle and the gardens below celebrate this tale with nine references made to the cat in paving, sculpture and garden furniture."

Cat One - TS Eliot quotation cat

Now I don't know that there is a white cat in residence any longer...

But I thought it would be fun to photograph all of the "cats" in the gardens.

Cat Two - Topiary cat

I think this cat is so elegant that I just couldn't resist photographing it from every angle.

Topiary cat below wall with beautiful view...


Thank you Nicolette for the beautiful photos, I grew up in belfast & carnlough, I left Ireland for Canada in 1957, I married a canadian sailor in1956 & we are still marries to this day, I have not been home for quite awhile,but you pictures are amazing & take me right back there ,especially Carnlough the best times in my young life , so I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart.....


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