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Macro Monday... Frosty Beech Leaves...

15 November 2010

Macro Monday at Lisa's Chaos

(The last of the beech leaves - Cavehill)

It was a wonderful bright frosty morning today... the first photo was taken using my Nikon P4 on Macro setting but I wasn't organised and had forgotten my spare battery so after 3 photos it died...

(Frost on Beech leaves on verge - Cavehill)

So the two frosty beech leaves photos were taken using my Mobile phone and are slightly fuzzier than I would have liked them to be but I just loved the white frost with the glint of the sunlight on the bronze brown of the dead beech leaves and wanted to photograph it...

(Frost on dead leaves on stone path - Cavehill)

I always find that photographs seem to catch a moment of time and nothing ever looks quite the same the next time I see it...


Beautiful composition and bokeh in the first image.


I think the furry frosted leaves are beautiful!


Those frosty leaves are so beautiful. I guess that is one thing to be thankful for when it gets cold! Thanks for stopping by!


I hate to hear frost, but wow does it makes for some beautiful images....these are all just spectacular!


Beautiful! Especially the first image, i really like the depth of field!


Lovely photos of the dried leaves on the nearly bare branches.


That is cool frost! (Pardon the pun)


Certainly looks comfy ;-)


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