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Macro Monday... Old Boat House...

24 January 2011

Macro Monday at Lisa's Chaos...  is the old boat house at Crawfordsburn...  It was a grey January day and at 11am the light was dull... but I wanted to try to find some richness of colour...

Closer to it is more obvious how much graffiti has been painted onto the rusting door.

The door is gradually rusting away... but so much vivid colour...

I was interested by how thin the metal has become with the constant erosion of weather, sea and salt...

I loved the old rusted bolt.  Loved how the splashes of weathered blue paint contrast with the rust colours.

The uprights that the door is fastened to are also showing signs of wear and tear as the layers peel away.

Only the rusted bolt is holding the layers of rusted metal together...

The edge of the door is amazing...

Such rich colours... and texture...

contrast wonderfully with the brick work and shadows deeper inside the boat house.


Sorry I wrote the wrong place. The last post comment supposed to be here:)


Also count me in as a admirer of the old bolt. Nice macro. Keep on clicking.


great macro!
what a treasure


Rust is always so photogenic! Love the old boathouse!


You certainly achieved your goal! Such amazing colours in the rust. Terrific shots!


The old boat house has sooo much charm! I LOVE it. And your photos of the rusted bits are exquisite.


Wonderful textures and colors in the door and bolt. You went out looking for colors and you found them!


These photos are so beautiful and unique, I love them. It's so nice to see beauty in an otherwise forgotten place.


Wonderful shots and a very good eye for the essence of things!

I wish you a nice weekend!

my best regards


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