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Macro Monday... Sea shell

10 January 2011

Macro Monday at Lisa's Chaos... I have chosen photographs that I took last week while walking on the beach at Crawfordsburn...  The sea was starting to turn and the sea shell was still wet...

I am not sure what type of shell this is, it was quite large...

I was drawn to the beautiful colours... they reminded me of sea, sand and surf...

Like water against weathered rock...

The texture of the shell was gorgeous showing all the growth lines...

Beautiful subtle colour and texture...


Hi ! Thanks for stopping in over at my blog home. Yes, it is a picture of a moose on my header. He hangs out in the woods behind my home. I love the colors, textures and patterns in your Macro pictures of the shells. I also love color so we have that in common. I enjoyed my visit to your blog home. I look forward to stopping in again soon.


Hiya Nikki,
Thank you for the comment on my macro blog.
I like that seashell. Very robust and an interesting pattern.
About your problem of single socks/lost socks/unfinished or never-started-socks:I was told to knit both at the same time, and even on the same needle. That way you get no difference in tension either.
Not that I have knitted many, mind :-)


I am not so sure what kind of shell is this but it's quite large. I like the design on the seashell. Nature surely do make us smile ^_^ Great shot!Happy Monday.
Macro Monday


I've never seen such texture and detail in a shell, that's really interesting!


They are lovely! I can see using some of these as textures for other photos. :)


I can feel the sand and sea in these pictures...very beautiful colors for a Sasha color group....Thanks for sharing, Nikita


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