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Macro Monday - Catkins

Monday 14th February 2011

Valentine's Day - Happy Birthday Mum

We went out for a wonderful walk yesterday along the Lagan Towpath.  I wouldn't call it peaceful as it was a little like trying to avoid being run over by the shoals of cyclists who expected walkers to jump onto the muddy verge to avoid being run over without giving even the warning sounds of a bell trilling to let us know they were almost on top of us.

Macro Monday at Lisa's Chaos

As we walked along, on what was actually a rather dull grey day, the sun suddenly came through a gap in the clouds and just lit up the hazel tree which was covered in beautiful new catkins or as I always think of them... lambs tails...

They were such beautiful golden green colours lit up against the greyish blue sky...

And just gave me the sense of Spring coming...

It is years since I have walked along the towpath.  Mum and I used to walk along here on a very regular basis and spent many happy hours thinking, talking and planning our lives...

A wonderful Day and it is great to be getting back to my blog...


Beautiful, I like these very much ;)


Lovely pictures!
My youngest daughter has her birthday today ;)
Greetings to your mother!


oh how lovely...and how sweet that the catkins were a catalyst to reminiscing happy times past. Happy valentines day and happy birthday to your Mum as well!


AH catkins! Spring has arrived in your part of the world. :) I can hardly wait to see catkins here!


You had the same idea as I for the macro shot !


Wow these is really pretty. Great capture!

Macro Monday


Lovely color and bokeh in these images. Spring is in the air!


these are so nice! Lovely compositions, so pretty! Great background, too!


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