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SOOC Sunday - A Walk in the Waterworks

Sunday 20 February 2011

For Straight out of the Camera Sunday over at Murrieta365 
 I have chosen a few photographs that I took on a walk around the Waterworks Park in North Belfast.  

This park is beautiful with two lakes and a small river with waterfalls...

Often when I am on a walk I find myself looking and photographing close up images but on this walk I found myself looking at vistas beyond the park...  In this photo I have photographed Sampson and Goliath the two large cranes that were used to build the Titanic when Belfast used to have a ship yard.

This photograph was taken looking across the smaller lower lake where the swans love to congregate.  I had seen a woman and two children feeding the birds a few minutes before and the seagulls were still circling hopefully but the geese were moving away...

I really liked this image of the cityscape looking across the upper lake towards the Cavehill Road.
I particularly liked the reflections of the buildings in the water.

This cheerful looking scruffy dog was walking with his owner a little ahead of us and I couldn't resist taking a photograph of him.  He had such smiley face and the clearest blue eyes...

I couldn't decide whether I preferred the portrait or landscape composition of this image and in the end opted for the portrait.  I really loved the reflected bullrushes in the lake with the Cavehill and Napoleon's Nose in the back ground.

I liked this view of the the dip between Black Mountain and Divis with the little bridge in the foreground.  It is amazing to think that part of North Belfast and most of West Belfast lies beyond the trees between the park and the mountains.  Belfast is surrounded by mountains and hills.

This view shows the Cliftonville Football Stadium with its lights reflected in the lake.  

So many completely different vistas can be seen as I walk around the two lakes (which are on two different ground levels)


I haven't seen any pussy willows here yet. I think it's a tad too early for them here yet. But maybe in a couple of weeks... :) For sure I'll cut a few branches and bring them indoors. Pussy willows mean spring to me too!


OOPS! Somehow I wrote a comment on the wrong post. But this series of photos are wonderful too. You captured some great reflections! And I love the gentle waterfalls!


Beautiful! I miss seeing them as we don't have them in Texas (but I grew up with them in Wisconsin). :)


looks like a great place to spend a day. :)


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