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SOOC Sunday - Reflections

Sunday 13 February 2011

Straight Out of the Camera Sunday  over at Murrieta 365

I have finally been out for a walk with the camera.  It feels like a long time ago that I was happily snapping away and working on my Sony laptop and Dell PC in much happy contentment.  

Then the unimaginable and I lost both in the same week.  

I am now trying to get used to using my new MacBook Pro and it has been a steep learning curve because everything works differently even little things like the shortcut commands that I have become so used to.  Also trying to get used to new software so I am not quite sure if the photograph has retained its clarity with reducing the size for the web.  

We went out for a lovely walk along the Lagan towpath today and this photograph was taken in the early afternoon.  I loved the sky reflected on what was actually very dull grey looking water.


Your blue sky reflected in the gray water is beautiful. Beautiful photo and composition.


The photo is really beautiful!!! I love the reflection around the strand of grass merging from the water.
You are going to love your Mac very soon and wonder how you ever managed without it before :-)


Thank you for visiting my SOOC shot. I love your puddle photo, just beautiful. Hope you get used to your new laptop soon! (I dont like computer change much either!)


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