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Delightful socks...

12 October 2010

I am knitting a new pair of socks using Drops Delight colourway 05 which I bought from Scandinavian Knitting Design it is a beautiful dusky pink/magenta with shades of taupe and grey.

I am using this sock knitting as a wind-down last thing at night before I go to bed.  So relaxing.  It is quite a fuzzy wool in comparison to most of the sock wool I have knit with so hopefully will be cosy to wear rather than itchy...  I shall just have to wait and see when the second sock is made.

This will be the second pair of socks that I have knit without using a pattern.  So relaxing not needing to look and see what I should be doing next...  I thought this colour would look pretty with my Otter coloured shoes.


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