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Frosty Grass...

25 october 2010

My first entry to Macro Monday which should please Pip... Actually it sounds just my thing... I love taking close up shots of anything that will stay still for a moment...

As we started the walk this morning the grass was crisp with its coating of frosted dew...

beautiful little frozen crystals like quartz...

and as we walked back it was starting to melt...

which is the topic of the following post...


That is really pretty!! Frost is so beautiful!


great shots and perfect timing


Greate macroimages!


these are great... I love the last one with melting crystals and pretty droplets:)


Very nice. Love the frozen water droplets on the last picture.


Superb details of the frost!


Hi Nikki

Looks like you had a bad frost aswell up there by Napoleon's Nose.

Those are great macros especially seeing the freeze and thaw pictures.

Thanks for visiting my blog today


To walk through the frosty grasses and feel the morning chill, would be magical....


so Ireland got some frost too. Your shots are excellent. :)


I love it, these are really good macros of the frosty grass.


Beautiful!!! I love your macro shots!


Although I love the sharp edged detail to the frost, I adore the slightly melted one. Just beautiful!


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