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Looks Hopeful...

Sunday 3rd April 2011

SOOC Sunday... The tale of the hopeful geese...

Oi... wakeup sleepyhead... this looks hopeful...

They turn on their charm... looking their cutest...

Uh oh... no go... looks like they're heading for those showoffs over there... (the large group of swans)

Oh well... better luck next time...  they turn on their tales and paddle away...


Like the sharpness of each frame. Delightful shots, to take which I keep trying. On a recent drive through forestland I took some shots of elephants and peacock that I thought of putting on my Facebook. Your shots make me think, 'are my photos really worth sharing ?'


Hi GVK Of course your photos are work sharing. I would love to see photos of elephants and peacock... I like watching and photographing birds which is why they show up on my blog. They are what I tend to notice most when I am out on a walk.


Nice shots...tells a nice story. Geese are so protective of their babies when the hatch!


What graceful birds! You've done a brilliant job with the photos,sharpness,composition, exposure all just about perfect!


I think Toulouse are my favorite type of geese! They look so happy on the water.


Love the first shot. Great photo-story.


Good series, and a good story. Perhaps they were looking for bread crumbs?


I love the story and photo series! Great images:)


Beautiful series. Happy Macro Monday Nicolette.


I have always heard of witch hazel, but don't think I've ever seen it. Wonderful series of shots!


I enjoyed the story to go along with such beautiful shots. Perfect!


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