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Well trodden paths... and only memories remain...

26th April 2011

I love to walk along the well trodden paths that I have walked for most of my life...

I think of all the loved ones who have walked along this path with me through the years...

My brother Paul, died on Easter Monday afternoon in an accident on his farm in Brittany, he leaves behind his wife and two small daughters, his mum, his sisters and brother in laws...  I am devastated.  He was just too young at only 43 and so full of life, energy and plans...  Paul lived his life as most of us only hope to do he was actually living out his hopes and dreams and not waiting for tomorrow...   He believed that we could do anything if we put our minds to it...  If something went wrong it was just a matter of redoing it until it came right...   I didn't get to see him often as he was living in France and I am in Northern Ireland but I did see him for a day in March...  I just wish it could have been for longer but I had to return for a hospital appointment and now there is no more time...  I just always thought there would be more time and more opportunities but life can be so very short...  I don't understand why this has happened...  My mind struggles to accept he is gone...  Sleep evades me...


I'm so sorry to learn of your loss. Indeed 43 seems much to young to pass on. I hope you find some comfort as you work through your emotions. Wishing you all the best!


I am so sad for you loss...and all of the losses you have recently had....I know how this feels...bc I too have had many losses recently...I pray that the sunlit path will lead you to a beautiful flower filled field and hear the song of the winds through the trees....and you will sit down among those scented gifts of nature and dream of times gone by ....Kindly Nikita


Dear Nikki
It is so difficult to come to terms with this devastating news. Maybe it is a small consolation that he went doing what he loved doing and his girls were with him for Easter.A s you say, Paul indeed lived his dreams and realised his life in a way most of us would be jealous of. I have fond memories walking this path with Paul. The world will be a lesser place without him, but he will never be forgotten. He certainly made our lives more colourful and exciting and therefore our memories too. My thoughts are with you and all the family. Sylvie x


Hi Nikki,
I'm as so sad to hear this news and have been revisiting many fond memories of Paul over the last few days. I remember walking this path with Paul so many times, it was always the starting point of any adventure after leaving your house. We even got up really early some Saturday mornings and jogged up it! We were also suspended from school after mitching off and going up it.
Paul really was one in a million, and even though I hadn't seen him in years, all my friends know of him as I've told them about my friend who turned heads with individual style and could literally do anything he put his mind to, and do it really well. I guess I always thought we'd meet up again at some point.
The world will be a much duller place without him, but I'm so glad that I knew him and that he was part of my life. My thoughts are with you, Pippa, your mum and Paul's wife and little girls.
Marie x


So sorry to read about your loss Nicolette.

I feel with you.


I'm so sorry to hear of this sadness. I have two older brothers and we're very close. You're right 43 is too young. I don't know what to say to be of any comfort, just know you're in my thoughts and prayers.


My heart goes out to you. I wish there were the perfect words to make it better, but there aren't. Just know that he is still with you, and you can honor him by living from his example.


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