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Shepherd on the Road

Sunday 17th April 2011

For SOOC Sunday this week... another of the wonderful sculptures we have in Belfast...

Photos that I took of the life size bronze scultptures of a Shepherd and his small flock of 6 sheep...

A wonderful sculpture called Sheep on the Road ...

It does seem strange to have a shepherd and sheep wandering past the Waterfront Hall.

Some of the sheep have a look of being slightly different breeds than others

The texture of the sheep gives a look of woolly fleece...

In July 2010 The Shepherd was given some knitted garments to wear as part of Craft Month

I really like the sheep...


I just love this sculpture. It's certainly unexpected in the midst of a city.


Interesting sculpture. and you know the names of its sheep. wow


That sculpture is really cool. Happy SOOC Sunday.


Great sculptures...very unique.


Interesting sculpture, especially in an urban environment.


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