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Young Love...

24 April 2011

Happy Easter Everyone...

For Straight out of the Camera this week I have chosen a photograph that I took while walking at Crawfordsburn Country Park.  

It was such a beautiful day and I saw this young couple sitting on the rocks looking out to sea.  They looked very peaceful together and I loved that they were so colour coordinated with her hair the same shade as his tee shirt...

I thought about cropping this image a little but I really liked that they were a small part of a larger vista.


I remember being like that once (but not with purple hair!).


This is a great picture. I do like the hair/shirt coordination!


I think it's just beautiful. They have so much to look forward too don't they.


Oh so sweet i like that way. happy SOOC Sunday.


It's sweet and funny. Color coordination? I wouldn't have noticed.


I really see why it's so irresistible...beautiful photos here Nicolette.


Great pic ;o)
It's a beautiful view what they see .. I guess


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